Sahha FAQ

Are Sahha’s models accurate?

Our models have been generated by data scientists, engineers, psychologists, and behavioral health experts. We will be publishing our data for public consumption in the near future.

Are Sahha’s models relevant for my users?

Our models have been trained on data from thousands of people around the world, aged 18-65 from all walks of life. We continue to train them through a lens of diversity and inclusivity, but are always open to feedback as to how we can do this better.

How does Sahha protect my user data?

Your users are identified in our system solely by a unique ID. We encrypt every piece of data at rest and in transit. We do not store data you have about your users in our system.

Does Sahha track my users?

No. Our SDKs use prompts native to mobile phone operating systems to access the information we need to analyze a user’s mental health. We are a privacy-first company and don’t collect personally identifiable information, relying only on phone lock, sleep, and steps data.

Will Sahha reach out to my users?


Does Sahha offer interventions or therapy for my users?

No. We focus on enabling our customers to deliver better interventions and therapy by helping them know their users’ health statuses whenever they need to.