Ditch the surveys

What if you could assess the mental health of 100% of your users without ever asking a question?

Sahha delivers behavioral health data via APIs

Sahha is invisible
  • Your user information is automatically collected while people live their lives

  • This means they are never pestered with surveys or questionnaires

  • And you can deliver personal, relevant interventions when they need them, with no delay

Sahha is secure
  • Data is protected at rest and in transit to provide the utmost security for your users

  • User information is de-identified and stored in aggregate, making sure everyone’s privacy is protected

  • We maintain regulatory and industry compliance in every geographical region in which we operate

Sahha is reliable
  • Surveys and questionnaires are dependent upon the mood of the user at that very instant

  • Data collected in the background provides an unbiased moment-by-moment snapshot for every user

  • Third-party studies validate passive digital phenotyping over the use of surveys

Sahha is simple
  • Your users enable settings on their phones

  • Our algorithms analyze their behavior patterns

  • You call our APIs and deliver timely, individualized care

Sahha is BADaaS

Behavioral Analytics Data as a Service
1. Collect
Use our Collect APIs to integrate reliable behavioral analytics into your services.
2. Analyze
Use our Analyze APIs to accurately determine mental health indicators.
3. Discover
Use our Discover APIs to reveal necessary insights and patterns within communities.

Start ditching the surveys

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