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Mental & Physical Health API

Deliver empathetic and aware healthcare experiences with personalised health data from wearables and devices.

The future is passive:

Build empathetic & aware user experiences

Sahha API call
Understand individual mental & physical health insights
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1. Collect
Collect behavioral data in the background of user devices
2. Analyze
Use behavioral / device data to understand mental & physical health
3. Discover
Reveal hidden insights and patterns within user cohorts
Build the future of digital health
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Integrate wearables & health data

The Sahha API integrates with the most wearables and health tracking devices. We're frequently adding more device and health API connections.

Sahha pulls data from wearables and smartphones through integrations with Apple Health, Android & Google devices, Oura Ring, Samsung, Garmin, Whoop, Peloton, Polar and more

Apple Samsung Oura Garmin Whoop Whoop Peloton Polar Withings eightsleep

Trusted by innovators in digital health & life sciences!

Sahha is being used by companies to deliver personalised and dynamic digital health experiences to individuals

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A BaDaaS solution

Behavioral Analytics Data as a Service

Invisible, passive and automatic, Sahha operates in the background

Your user information is automatically collected while people live their lives
This means they are never pestered with surveys or questionnaires
And you can deliver personal, relevant interventions when they need them with no delay

Privacy by design, data is encrypted in transit and in storage

Sahha utilises native user data permissions only, leaving your users in control of the data they share
Analysis and demographic data is encrypted to maintain privacy and security
We maintain regulatory and industry compliance in every geographical region in which we operate

Machine learning models that fit your application's requirements

Our models have been trained on over 37,000+ clinical assessment samples and 100M+ behavioral data samples.
Sahha’s top performing models feature an accuracy of between 80-90%
Multiple studies validate passive digital phenotyping over the use of surveys

Collect and analyze phone sensor data with one API

Your users enable settings on their phones
Our algorithms analyze their behavior patterns
You call our APIs and deliver a timely, individualized user experience
Industry use-cases

A revolution in digital health technology

Health & Wellbeing Apps​​
Increase mental health awareness and build better mental health, therapy or remote patient monitoring apps with passive and longitudinal insights on user mental health. ​
Turn objective behavioral data into mechanisms to support clinical assessment and treatment. Turning health data into mental health intelligence, serve your patients through access to the right care in every step of the process. ​
Understand behavioral variances in clinical trials and direct-to-customer business models with mental health data directly from patient smartphones.
Enterprise wellbeing​ ​
Track the mental health efficacy of organisation wellbeing interventions and activities, and maintain performance gaurantees with passive mental health checks.
Health, Nutrition & Fitness
Track impact of physical fitness, or foods on the mental health and behaviors or your users.​
Reduce costs by incentivising your customers to engage in positive mental health activites then validate that information. Add a data layer that creates better customer outcomes, better business decisions and drives growth. ​​
Where does it fit?

Sahha can integrate into any use-case

Data Analysis
Visualize cohort mental state, organizational mental health, display changes over time
User Experience
Questionless Dynamic UIs State-based AwareUX
Deliver far greater user experience by reducing survey fatigue, state-based value delivery and UIs that change as user state does
Event Triggers
Intervention Tracking
Automate user assessment, trigger state-based notifications, tasks and track intervention success
Build the future of digital health
Start building with Sahha using the tools you already know and love