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Providing evidence based behavioral analytics to assess changes in mental health and evaluate efficacy of interventions.

Collect Toolkit
Integrate Behavioral Data Collection into your apps. Give your users control over what they share
Analyse Engine
Sahha identifies which behaviors are concerning, so you can trigger your interventions more effectively
Discover Insights
Draw granular community insights, understand your interventions and make better decisions

Elevate _

Objective assessment, predictive results
Stop asking user's how they are, assess how they are. Behavioral signals can reliably predict the likelihood of mental decline, allowing for earlier intervention.
Improved UX
Reduce abandonment and uninstalls of your mental health/wellbeing app by eliminating the prompts and questions that drive data entry fatigue.
Sahha observes multiple behaviors and accurately identifies which behaviors are putting the user at the highest risk. Treatments can then be personalized to match the at risk behaviors.
Increase engagement
Increase user engagement and retention by using our variety of data endpoints for showing your users unique insights into their behaviors.
Community insights
Provide de-identified, aggregated community wellness insights to your enterprise customers.
Behavioral analytics
Sahha allows you to focus on your core competency of providing effective interventions or treatment.
A World First

Complex Behavioral Data-Science Made Simple.

Highly complex, low price
Behavioral analytics is a rapidly evolving, complex field consisting of statistical modeling, data science, and machine learning.
Fast and simple integration
Start collecting and analyzing behavioral data quickly by simply integrating the Sahha SDK into your app.
Science based
Research backed apps are time consuming and expensive to build.
One user, or millions. Sahha's flexible architecture and pricing scales with your needs.

Built for Virtual Mental Healthcare

Capture Behaviors
Easily integrate the Sahha mobile SDK's into your new or existing apps and start collecting behavioural data right away
Analyse Behaviors
Easily integrate a solution that passively collects behavioral data and analyses it for mental health indicators
Discover Insights
Easily aggregate data about your user community to you can identify area where your interventions can be more successful

Evidence Based, Research Backed

With our research partners at the University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand, we have tested our statistical models across hundreds of participants, providing you an evidence based assessment and treatment efficacy capability.

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