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Evidence Based

Sahha's technology is backed by cutting-edge research in digital phenotyping

Sahha is currently involved in internal and external research projects backed by leading universities and research organisations.

3.5K+ Participants are involved in our internal research projects across a diverse range of ages, genders and nationailities.

84% Accuracy for our highest performing model (as of Aug 2022). Read out latest data science report

37.3K+ samples collected to train our models.

Our current methodology is based off of the current literature, there are many papers existing today that show how digital biomarkers and behaviors are used to predict mental health assessment tools used by clinicians.

Academic research papers highlighting how digital biomarkers and behaviors can be used predictors for clinical mental health assessments:

Evidence that behavioral markers from smartphones and other devices can be used to detect mood disorders

Evidence that sleep is related to mood disorders and mental health

Evidence that physical activity is related to mood disorders and mental health