The story of Sahha


In Arabic, Sahha represents health, welfare, and strength. In one word, these are the principles we value in ourselves, in our customers, and in our customers’ users.

Sahha’s mission is simple:

Deliver better mental health data to providers so they can deliver better care to patients

When combined with the values of health, welfare, and strength, Sahha achieves this mission through its core operating principles:

Evidence based - Only use data that is backed by clinical research and supported by science.

Privacy by design - Collect no personal information and use behavioral signals that cannot be used for identification.

Purposeful engagement - Focus on user experiences that help someone learn more about themselves and take actions to improve.

Large social media and search engine companies collect personal data with the end goal of improving consumerism. What if it was used to improve mental health instead? And could be done without the data being personal?


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